Monday, July 28, 2008

The Artful Classroom Blog!


If you have come here it is because you are a educator, an artist, an arts enthusiast or a presenter interested in knowing more about how the arts can be integrated across the school curriculum to help children learn! Our purpose is to help teaching professionals understand how the arts can be used everyday in the classroom to help make learning more interesting, more engaging, more permanent and more fun!

We are here to share ideas, techniques, experiences, trials, tribulations, triumphs and success stories! We are here to learn from teaching artists, other teachers, arts presenters, administrators, and anyone else who can contribute to our thoughts about arts integration.

So, here's the plan! Come to learn, come to share, come to care. Be supportive. Be inventive. Ask questions. Offer answers. Enter our forum for growth. The basic concepts that we share have been proven to increase test scores in arts integrated schools and to offer a different way of learning to students who need to do more than just sit in a chair.

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Team Leader

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